I know that the ‘Holiday Blues’ exist for people but what about ‘January Blues?’ Is that a thing? I really loathe the fact that there are so many larger than life expectations for the New Year.

And that’s not to say it’s not important to set goals and use this grand ‘do-over’ as a chance to get it right (it really is the perfect time to lay down the law with yourself—since many others will be on the same path to self-improvement—support and accountability should be easy to come by).

But while setting goals is a great first step, the key to successfully meeting those objectives lies in making them realistic and manageable.

My journey

Prior to completing a Nutrition Program in 2018, I was to most people, the picture of good health. I looked slim enough, exercised. I even ran a marathon.

But I knew the truth. I was a fad diet abuser. You name it, I had tried it. Unfortunately (but mostly, fortunately) none of them ever stuck because my aim was to get skinny. Really.

As an aspiration, I would literally have listed out these two words, “lose weight.” And if I’m being completely honest, I wouldn’t even write it down. That gloom and doom phrase really did nothing but just stick around, haunting me.

Looking back, it’s no wonder that didn’t work AT ALL. The phrase lacked inspiration, it lacked motivation, it lacked a plan… I also find it interesting that no matter how bad I wanted to reach my goal weight in the past, my go-to was to take shortcuts and try every new fitness trend.

You would think my lifetime struggle with yo-yo dieting and more than a slight food obsession, that I would have discovered a manageable solution before now.

It wasn’t until a friend of mine had experienced success with a local exercise and nutrition program that I decided to try out. And you know what? The program included all of the things that I had never incorporated into my vision of losing weight.


I could fill a room with the amount of accountability and motivation from the nutrition program. Daily inspirational emails, group support, weekly check-ins and bi-monthly meetings are just a sampling of the amazing accountability that I had.


We had to do weekly shopping and prep meals the night before. Eating 5 times a day is no small feat but it became my new normal.


It was the first time I had ever invested a lot of money (to me) to reach my weight and fitness goals.


The plan wasn’t to lose weight overnight. The plan was a long-game—and I work on it every day.

Your plan of action

Participating in the nutrition program was a fabulous lesson that anything worth achieving doesn’t happen overnight. It’s been almost 1.5 years since completing the program and I’ve been at a consistent weight ever since.

Yes, there are still bad days mixed in but the overall change in my way of life is staggering.

It’s with this knowledge that there are far more ingredients than just writing “lose weight” or “learn new language” on your New Year’s Resolution list.

It takes a plan of action that consists of:

  • Listing out small steps
  • Having Realistic expectations
  • Building in accountability & motivation
  • Practicing consistency
  • Realizing that it doesn’t happen overnight

I encourage you to pick one goal for the New Year and create a plan of action around it incorporating the items above.

Are there any ingredients that help you to achieve your resolutions? Please share your unique solutions!