Savile Row is an infamous street in London with regards to men’s fashion. Renowned for tailors who churn out bespoke suits for men, Savile Row has continued to gain popularity generation after generation. Since its establishment in the 18th century, Savile Row was not a place anyone could go for a stroll, you either had to be a banker, politician or a rock and roll star. It is now accessible to anyone who can afford the prices of a bespoke suit.

Bespoke is a term that traces its origins in Savile Row to mean ‘spoken for’ as well as hand cut and handmade suit. The good thing that sets Savile Row suits apart is the quality of the work and outcome. Several characteristics do set the Savile Row suit apart from the rest.

Custom Cuts

The good thing about a suit from Savile Row is that the tailor will cut the suit to the measurements of the client’s body. Tailors at Savile Row are keen to offer the best care when taking measurements and avoid superimposing their style on the clients.

Custom cutting has made Savile Row maintain its reputation through the ages.

Heavy Weight

Savile Row is world renowned for heavier suits than suits made in America or Italy. At the beginning of the 19th century, the word about town was that Savile Row suits were like suits of armor. The wool used in making suits in the 21st century is now not as heavy as of days past, but it is sturdier than what tailors use in other parts of the world.

An expert tailor on Savile Row sites that, “if cut well, the weight of the suit does not matter because it all hangs off the neck and the tailor will balance it off between the front and the back. You will hardly notice”.

Long Lasting Suits

Savile Row tailors pride themselves in creating timeless cuts for each suit. With dedication and mastery, Savile Row has produced suits that can withstand the test of time.

A Savile Row suit is of high quality such that it was common to pass it down from father to son. The father accompanied by the son would go to the tailor for altering of the suits measurements to fit the son when he came of age.

Savile Row tailoring houses have a great penchant for quality, the reason as to why each house has their tailors on premises to enhance consistency. The Savile Row Bespoke Association rate a quality suit on how many person-hours have gone into the suit, with at least 50 hours of handwork to warrant top quality.

21st Century

Savile Row suits do not come cheap and asking for a price reduction or discounts will not go down well. Newcomers to Savile Row in recent years have stocked made to measure fitting suits as well as ready to wear suits. This trend has opened up Savile Row to suit lovers who sit on different ends of the budget spectrum.