Year after year we clean our homes, but do we really investigate where those chemicals we are using to clean the carpets or our driveways end up going?

To keep our neighbourhoods, towns, cities beautiful and clean, we must use cleaning products, but its always good to know there are ways to considerably lower the impact on the environment.

For example, pressure washing Cambridge does the following:

Reduces water consumption

Drinking water is precious, therefore is important to not waste this incredible natural resource. Luckily professional pressure washing machines can regulate the water volume according to the cleaning task.

Reduces wastewater pollution

Wastewater is often treated by various treatment plans to make sure the processed water is hygienically safe. It is important to not use cleaning agents that would disturb these processes. 

Reduces CO2 emissions

To reduce gas emissions is a global goal. Therefore pressure washing companies are also contributing on many levels. To reduce their carbon footprint, they use optimised high-quality, recyclable materials. 

Long service life

Strong construction and high-quality materials ensure that professional machines give years and years of reliable and trustworthy service.

Eco-friendly cleaning agents

The main goal is to use agents that are not harmful to our environment. The second main goal is to significantly reduce the number of chemicals used for cleaning general. After all, many natural substances can achieve similar results.

High-pressure cleaners are often used for difficult cleaning tasks, which would be impossible to execute just with hand scrubbers. The use of heat energy combined with eco-friendly cleaning agents significantly improves the environmental and economical approach.

We hope to see in the future new creative ideas and innovative technologies that would decrease our environmental impact even more.