iOS 13 was announced by Apple at WWDC in June this year. Upcoming major features will include Dark Mode, a new look for the Photos App and Street View for the Maps.

A new Siri voice will also be available in iOS 13.

New iOS 13 Features

The new iOS 13 packs a lot of new exciting features. iOS 13 is a few months away, still, until we will have a stable version.

Dark Mode

Apple’s iOS 13 introduces Dark Mode to the iPhone and iPad, putting the mobile devices on par with the Dark Mode introduced in macOS Mojave last year.

iOS 13 Dark Mode is initially available in Apple’s own apps, once developers have time to implement it, you can expect Dark Mode to show up in more third-party apps as well.

Right now, apps like Messages, Mail, Calendar, Photos, Notes, and even Settings will have a gloriously dark background if you opt into the new color scheme.

You can activate Dark Mode within iOS’s Display & Brightness settings. iPhones with OLED displays may experience a small battery boost from this, but otherwise Dark Mode is mostly an aesthetic choice—and a wonderful choice it is.