I am always amazed at how long things take; losing weight, processing and organizing lots of paperwork, unpacking an entire house, paying off a lot of credit card debt…

In today’s world, we have the attention span of a toddler—which often translates to wanting most things to happen yesterday. It usually goes like this; we set a goal, it doesn’t happen quickly enough OR we actually do accomplish the task only to have it unravel before our eyes because we took the easy way out (i.e.; crash dieting).

I wrote about my own personal goal setting with weight loss before and if you remember, it was not an overnight success and it’s something I continue to work on every single day.

Your current projects

Which brings me to your relationship with your own current projects, plans, wishes and desires.

Think about one goal you have right now that will result in enjoying life more.

Let’s do an assignment around the goal or desire.

I’ll go first!

I would like to be more flexible. Now this is something that cannot physically happen overnight, it’s just not possible. If I were to force myself to stretch longer and harder, I could easily do irreparable damage to my muscles.

So how might I go about becoming more flexible?


With anything you are just starting out on, Google is your friend. I always want to know what resources, guides and tools are out there. I’m interested in how others before me have achieved their goals and researching is the first step. Here’s a handy article on the best way to search for exactly what you are looking for.

It’s also helpful to get on Instagram and search for tags on your area of interest that you’re looking to find out more information. If you don’t have an Instagram account, you can use this website and type your word into the search engine.

Pinterest is another place where there is loads of content and information (not to mention it’s a really great site to look at).

Mind Map

Start a mind map over on Mind Meister. Brainstorming taps into your creative side and might bring out ideas you hadn’t thought of.

Write out your plan for how you want to accomplish your goal. Try giving yourself more time than you need to achieve it.

How will you stay on track? This is the hardest part; and where we throw in the towel because we want it to happen so quick. I would suggest you mix in some meditation, which you can incorporate into your daily routine for as little as two minutes a day. My favorite iPhone app for this is Simply Being

Write out a daily mantra that is motivational and place it somewhere you can see it. You might also set a reminder on your phone to pop-up each day for some extra accountability.

And finally, know that anything worth anything takes time “Success doesn’t happen overnight. Keep your eye on the prize and don’t look back.” – Erin Andrews

As you can see, accomplishing something new isn’t quick and easy but knowing that is sometimes half the battle. As long as you are determined, consistent and can find the inner strength, you will see results that will contribute to your well-being.