Internet marketers and users have become accustomed to embedded videos.

All kinds of websites now feature a video of one type or another, whether it’s for entertainment, advertising or both. Experts say video offers a more integrated visual and aural experience, increased sensory perception and room for a story line.

Does this really give visitors and potential customers more preference?

According to marketing experts in particular, videos are high value when it comes to engaging an audience and building a brand.

Benefits of Online Video

  1. Video engages users, who are literally forced to absorb the content as it’s presented. In a short amount of time, more information can be represented. The context is often presented as part of a storyline. In contrast to text, video provides the opportunity to invoke an emotional response in the viewer. Such is the case whether you are portraying cats to relay a message, or are advertising the services of a company.
  2. As little as five seconds of video can impact the emotions of the viewer. One can ascertain significant meaning from the context in 15 seconds. On the other hand, a writer often struggles to build emotional value in the same timeframe. Catching the viewer’s attention within this span increases the chances of them becoming customers, according to the science of online video.
  3. A more effective medium is available for delivering a message than with audio, images or text. In addition to replicating a more human experience, marketers have the opportunity to promote the quality of their brand. Online marketers and businesses can also represent their professionalism more thoroughly and accurately. High quality videos, therefore, often help to improve the reputability of a business.
  4. SEO. The inclusion of videos on websites has become a vetting factor for search engines such as Google. Video has therefore become part of many search engine optimization strategies. Search engine results pages often feature thumbnail images alongside links to webpages featuring videos. Integrating a link has become popular in the e-commerce world, while link building strategies have become centered on video marketing.

Video Talks

You may be a cosmetic dentist, a plumber, a motivational speaker or an online marketer.

Video is effective in getting a website visitor’s attention and emotional trust. It is also valuable as an SEO tool.

The truth is, the medium does grab attention  from a personal and marketing perspective.

With original ideas, a careful creative process and good content, you become ahead of the game as an authority.

This is the formula for attracting visitors, customers and business, as well as attaining the goal of a loyal following!