If you’ve got dirty carpets and aren’t sure if hiring a professional is right for you, or if doing so just isn’t in your budget, then you need some good carpet cleaning tips from the pros. Courtesy to Carpet Cleaning Swansea.

After all, you want your carpets to sparkle and shine, and you want them to be sanitary and germ-free as well. So, what do you do for a dirty, dingy carpet that just won’t get clean with regular vacuuming?

Here are some important pointers that can help you get the carpet of your dreams without having to hire a professional or replace the carpet entirely.

While professional carpet cleaners can no doubt get your carpet cleaner than any other method, there are tricks you can use at home that are almost just as good.

Use hot water

The first thing you should remember is that heat is your friend. Hot water above 60 degrees will suc up stains and dirt quite effectively. This is known as hot water extraction, or “steam cleaning.”

You can buy a steam cleaner for home use for relatively little money, or rent one from a store like Home Base for even less, and do just fine with getting your carpets to about as close to professional quality clean as possible.

The best steam cleaners use a mixture of heat and agitation. The heat will loosen the stains and dirt, and the agitation will completely remove them, right down to the very bottom of the carpet fibers.

This is where you want to go, because the worst of the germs and dirt and grime that floor coverings attract is usually hidden down deep inside the carpet near the padding, and traditional vacuuming just won’t get to it.

Further, it is usually better to simply use hot water and steam to clean carpets than it is to use any kind of cleaning solution, as cleaning solutions can attract dirt and make the dirt harder to remove.

It can cause dirt to coagulate into a sticky ball that is just plain messy and unpleasant. That’s why dry carpet cleaning with powders and such never really works well.

The Steam Cleaner is Your Friend

A good steam cleaner washes and rinses the stained or dirty area over and over until all the dirt and grime is gone.

This method is highly effective on very dirty carpets that haven’t been thoroughly cleaned in a long time. For newer stains, especially those that are brand new, blotting up with hot water and a sponge usually does the trick just fine, as the stain hasn’t had time to settle in yet.

You’ll probably have to eventually get your carpet professionally cleaned, just to be sure that your house is as germ-free and healthy as possible, especially if you have people living in it who have allergies.

But if you use a good steam cleaner a couple of times a year, you should be able to stretch out the time between professional cleanings from annually to every two to four years easily.