If you’re trying to get your business heard and seen among the sea of businesses crowding the online space on a seemingly daily basis, you need the help of content marketing.

However, in order to make sure the time, money, and effort you put into content marketing doesn’t go down the drain, you have to have a strategy.

Define the Goal

A focused and fixed goal is the first step that sets up a high pitched tempo for the content marketing plan. ‘Why do I need a strategic marketing plan’, and ‘what would be the best medium for it’, are imperative questions that need to be answered and figured out in the first place. Digging into ‘who is my competitor’, ‘what are the expected problems’, and ‘how it can be resolved’, are certain things that clearly evaluates the goal and make it easy to attain.

Goals differ in the nature of business or activity. For example, instead of being on Twitter, blogging would be an ideal marketing strategy for authors, with the goal of selling books. On the other hand, the standard performing platform for an FMCG company would be Twitter to promote and Facebook to engage with customers, through interactive communication modules. Defining the goal is the fundamental aspect that inspires success, in content strategy marketing.

Hit the Right Target

Any respectable SEO agency that offers SEO services will tell you that whether it’s traditional or digital marketing, identifying the right audience is a core component of any marketing strategy. A candy floss seller can’t be seen in office areas, he is mostly found in spots like the zoo or fairs, places that are visited by children, his target audience. Similarly, a tech startup is more likely to find a more rewarding audience on Twitter, the startup has no business on Pinterest, a site that deals with crafty audience.

Determining the perfect target audience, not only seals success, it also makes the content more relevant and valuable. A strategic survey that helps you identify and analyse your target audience parameters is a crucial factor that directly contributes towards an effective content marketing strategy.

Reach Out

Now that the goal is defined and the audience identified, it is necessary to assess the needs of the audience and the type of content that would ideally cater to them.

Remember: coming across content, is not an accident or a mere coincidence, it reaches us because it has been strategically planned to reach us. While most people are devoted to creating a great piece of content, very few realise that they need to have an equally effective system to promote and distribute the content. After all, what’s the point of a terrific blog post that ends up not being read?

With these three tips, you can get started with your content marketing plan, if you don’t have one at all. Gradually, as your business grows, you need to have a more comprehensive and tailored strategy.