When you’ve been married for a long time, romance and spontaneity can sometimes fall by the wayside.

Little gifts, inventive favors and kind gestures can help to keep the spark alive and remind your partner how much you really appreciate them. Here are seven inspiring ways to surprise your spouse each week.  

1) Leave notes

You might implicitly associate love notes with younger couples, but who doesn’t enjoy a little note conveying a compliment or a happy memory?

You can slip a note into your spouse’s pocket, leave it in a briefcase or hide it in the fridge for your partner to find after work. 

2) Arrange a delivery

Flowers are the classic choice, but if your partner isn’t a big fan then you can choose other things.

Delicious savory foods (like olives and cheeses) could be a pleasing choice, as could a hamper of sweet treats.

Even just a little love token like a new book by a favorite author can be a lovely surprise. 

3) Do all the chores

If you appreciate everything your spouse does for you, one of the nicest ways to give back is to take on more than your fair share of chores.

While your spouse is out or at work, spend an afternoon or evening doing everything that needs done in the house.

As well as giving your loved one more time to relax, this hardship communicates real care and willingness to sacrifice. 

4) Make a grand gesture

While little surprises go a long way, it pays to make bigger gestures from time to time as well.

For example, renewing your vows can be a deeply meaningful act, especially if you have reason to want to reaffirm the strength of your commitment.

Some married couples choose to renew vows in the wake of significant life changes, such as moving house or restarting life together after children have left home. 

5) Give a personalized gift

Personalized gifts don’t need to be very expensive, but they demonstrate how well you know the recipient. If you spouse loves to write, a beautifully engraved pen could be a wonderful surprise.

Meanwhile, almost any husband or wife would appreciate a custom-made piece of art (like a sketch of the place you first met, or a collage of photos of your favorite vacation destinations). 

6) Cook a full meal

One way to work on improving your relationship is to ensure that you spend more quality time together.

Why not cook a three course meal for your spouse, including all of their favorite foods?

In a candlelit atmosphere, you’ll have the perfect chance to have meaningful conversation and enjoy one another’s company. 

7) Plan a trip

Finally, you don’t need to organize a lavish trip to a foreign country to surprise your spouse.

Even a day trip to a beautiful location or one night spent in a nice hotel will add something special to your everyday life and prove that you’re still interested in being profoundly romantic.