It’s summer time and that means that it is time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Have you planned a fun get away for you and your friends or family yet?

Have you thought about adding some days in your schedule where you are doing nothing but enjoying the beautiful outdoors?

We work so hard throughout the year that we often forget to relax and have fun.

Put these fun days on your calendar and you will be so much happier.

While you are outside soaking up the sunshine, try some of these fun activities and burn some extra calories at the same time.

You will be enjoying yourself so much, that you won’t even realize its exercise.

The length of time shown below is how long it takes on average to burn 100 calories.

Basketball, shooting hoops20 minutes
Badminton20 minutes
Canoeing15 minutes
Casual biking23 minutes
Fishing40 minutes
Gardening30 minutes
Golfing, carrying clubs15 minutes
Hula-hoop20 minutes
Kayaking20 minutes
Playing casual soccer13 minutes
Playing catch with a football35 minutes
Playing fetch with dog20 minutes
Playing Frisbee30 minutes
Playing with children23 minutes
Pushing a stroller35 minutes
Rollerblade17 minutes
Running, 6 minute mile9 minutes
Softball or baseball18 minutes
Surfing (with board or body)30 minutes
Swimming, moderate intensity15 minutes
Tennis, singles15 minutes
Treading water20 minutes
Volleyball on the beach11 minutes
Walking, 3 mile minutes20 minutes
Water aerobics23 minutes

There are many places you can still be active and enjoy the outdoors for very little money. Living in Brighton, we love going to the beach.

We play in the water, go surfing and enjoy a run or walk on the beach. However, when we are in Surrey or in the Staines we always head to a park with a lake for lots of fun.

When in the mountains we enjoy hiking, swimming, and canoeing.  And of course no matter where we are, there is always a great golf course to play.

Share below where your favorite getaway is and what activities you enjoy doing while there.